Bộ ổn định điện áp VSS FluxCap Harrison

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Bộ ổn định điện áp VSS FluxCap Harrison

VSS FluxCap 100A by: Harrison Labs
VSS = Voltage Step-up Stabilizer
A competition power supplies combined with battery isolators and electronic caps. Made in USA.
VSS FluxCap 100A are more robust, efficient, lighter, smaller and are dual phase design which results smoother output regulation than the competitors.
VSS FluxCap 100A are used to step-up and stabilize voltage from the 12v (or less) battery in your vehicle or other sources to min. 14.4v stable to give amplifier(s) a voltage boost in applications where the DC power wires have voltage drops that limit the power output from your amplifier(s). Do you know amplifiers specification always measured and reach optimal output wattage @14.4v ? The fact you never get that voltage without VSS.
VSS FluxCap 100A is giving you very significant improve. Just measure the voltage, feel and listen sound quality performance after used VSS. You will get more dynamic, powerfull, cleanest and musical sound quality.
VSS can also be used to support car electrical system especially to use in dragrace car.

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